Note that the term “Norstar” is often confused to be a brand, however, “Norstar” refers to a series of telephone systems (PBX) made by the brands Meridian and Nortel. Every Nortel-Norstar solution begins with an Integrated Communications System (ICS). Meridian Norstar are system phones (PBX) and handsets made with a variety of business features aimed at increasing office productivity by simplifying communications operations. They support multi-line functionality, integrated voice messaging, automatic call distribution and were known for delivering astounding call clarity all the while being easy to use. If you want to find out more about the Norstar series and some of its most common products, keep reading below.

Even though Norstar has gone out of business

Phone System Repair Montreal can repair, update or relocate Norstar phones or phone system (PBX)

Norstar history

The Meridian-Norstar system was developed as a replacement for the Vantage system which itself was developed to update the SL1 system. However, the Vantage system was not quite successful, so the Meridian-Norstar system was created as its successor. This new system went on to be one of the leading telephones systems (PBX) in the world.

Merdian Norstar systems include the Nortel 2000 IP range of phones which are IP/VoIP system desktop telephones. The Nortel Meridian Norstar System Telephone are a more traditional TDMI/PABX solution for Meridian Telephone System

The Meridian Norstar 7000 series were the first Nortel handsets. They were replaced by the 7000N series handsets which had an updated look and feel and were preceded by the Meridian Norstar T range.

Products/ Series

Most commonly found Norstar telephone systems (PBX) are the M (Meridian), T (Terminal), and the BCM (Business Communications Manager) series. The BCM comes in four different telephone system versions: BCM50, BCM200, BCM400, and BCM450.

About the Business Communications Manager (BCM)

The BCM deliver SMEs and branch offices with the only converged voice/data solution in the industry. The BCM system has capabilities including telephony, unified messaging, interactive voice response, VoIP routing and data services such as firewall, wireless, and more.

About the Nortel-Norstar M-series (Meridian Telephones)

The M series are cost effective with dependable functionality. More specifically, the M7100 and M7208 are perfectly adapted for users who need a small number of lines and standard features. The M7310 model however is more adapted to a user in need of a telephone system (PBX) that is fully featured and capable of handling more extensive call requirements. Thus, the M-series is quite likely to satisfy a wide range of users which different expectations.

  • Nortel Norstar M7100

The Nortel Norstar is an easy to use single-line telephone with basic functionality and is compatible with the Nortel Meridian telephone system (PBX). Areas were calls are received rather than made would benefit this system (kitchen areas, lobbies.)

  • Nortel Norstar M7208

The Nortel Norstar M7208 is suitable for areas where basic service is required.

  • Nortel Norstar M7310

The Nortel Norstar M7310 is well adapted for areas where frequent repeat calls are made such as accounts or purchasing departments. This is thanks to its autodialing features. Users who receive a high amount of calls such as secretaries or managers would also do well with this phone.

  • Nortel Norstar M7324

The Nortel Norstar M7324 is ideal for users who receive a high number of calls and require access to more than one line. Its ability to add up to two Central Answering Positions (CAP) modules make it particularly useful to those who need a feature-rich phone in order to support a high number of calls. The CAP modules can be attached to a terminal and each provide the phone with 48 extra buttons with LCDs.

  • Nortel Norstar T7316e

The Nortel Norstar T7319e is a multi-line, feature intensive telephone and is compatible with the BCM systems. This phone has a wide range of features including 24 memory buttons and a 16 character display screen. The Nortel Norstar T7316e will suit a variety of users such as executives, managers, or central answering positions.

  • Nortel Norstar T7100

The Nortel Norstar T7100 is ideal for areas such as lobbies, kitchens, reception rooms, or break rooms. This phone is ideal for a use which does requires only non-frequent call making, and is a good value for money phone with a range of easy to access features.

Both the Nortel Norstar M (Meridian) and T (Terminal) series will work on the older Nortel systems and the later CICS, MICS, and the BCM 200, BCM 400, and BCM 50.

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