Meridian telephone systems (PBX) are made with Nortel hence you will find the series named Nortel-Meridian X. Continue reading below for more information on the company and their Nortel –Meridian M telephone system (PBX) series.  

Even though Nortel has gone out of business

Phone System Repair Montreal can repair, update or relocate Meridian phones or phone system (PBX)

Meridian history

Meridian Audio Ltd was founded by Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd in 1977. Bob Stuart studied at Imperial College in London where his passion for music led him to specialise in audio. Allen Boothroyd trained as a mechanical engineer. The pair met in Cambridge and discovered that they shared an interest in audio equipment design which led them to start a partnership together. Their first design was the Lecson hi-fi system, something so innovative that is now a part of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

After the introduction of the Compact Disc (CD) in the early 1980s, Meridian produced the world’s first audiophile-quality Compact Disc (CD) player, the MCD. Meridian then went on to release the world’s first digital surround processor available for the domestic market. Following this, the brand Nortel introduced their first small-office digital key telephone system using Meridian Audio which is now sold by Avaya.

Nortel-Meridian M series telephone systems (PBX):

  • Nortel Meridian M2006

The Nortel Meridian M2006 phone is an entry-level, single line telephone compatible with the Meridian Option Telephone System (PBX). This phone is suitable for areas with low service such as lobbies, cafeterias and warehouses.

  • Nortel Meridian M2008

The Nortel Meridian M2008 is a fully programmable phone that is compatible with the Meridian 1 and Meridian SL100 systems. This phone has 8 programmable features keys which all provide a one-touch access to single or multiple line and features.

  • Nortel Meridian M2008 HFD
  • Nortel Meridian M2616 HFD

This phone is celebrated as the most versatile digital phone on the market. Modular options can be easily added to create a tailor-made feel for a wide variety of business applications. The Nortel Meridian M2616 is designed for people who need multiple lines and quick key access to time effective features and a high quality hands-free communication.

  • Nortel Meridian M2216D

This phone is a performance plus phone, for users which require a multi-line and a wide range of features. The Nortel Meridian M2216D has 16 programmable feature keys and the “Display Queue” allows users to see the number of occupied positions, as well as the longest waiting time in the queue and total number of calls in the Times Overflow.

  • Nortel Meridian M3905

The Nortel Meridian M9305 is a multi-line call center telephone designed for the needs of most demanding call center agents and supervisors. This M3905 telephone also includes two adaptor slots for an analogue terminal adaptor, an external alerter, and a recording interface.

  • Nortel Meridian M3904

The Nortel Meridian M3904 is a multi-line telephone which can support up to 12 lines. You can also create a directory of up to 100 names. This phone is ideal for busy office environments that have high call usage. This phone also includes a 5-line x 24 character display.

  • Nortel Meridian M3903

The M3903 is made with enhanced productivity features such as an enhanced Call Log which displays the incoming and outgoing calls while fixed key features allow you to easily go back and forth between handset and headset use.

  • Nortel Meridian M3902

This phone was designed for light telephone usage for areas or departments such as warehouses or manufacturing. This phone brings a display based interface and hands free capability for a single line. This phone also supports a cartridge accessory to add new features and capabilities if need be.

  • Nortel Meridian M3901

The Nortel Meridian M9301 is an entry-level, non-display digital phone. This phone is single line and ideal for areas of occasional telephone use such as receptions, lobbies, hallways and cafeterias. This phone has 5 programmable feature keys and 4 fixed feature keys as well as an Auto-Dial Feature.

  • Nortel Meridian M3310

This system is ideal for frequent users, as the 2-line x24 character display allows for an easy access to the features of the phone and the 7 keys can be programmed to match the user’s requirements.

  • Nortel Meridian M3820

Similar to the Nortel Meridian M3310, the Nortel Meridian M3820 is great for users who make frequent phone calls. This is a popular choice due to its easy quick access to stored contacts.

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